You don’t eat meat? Here is a pleasant vegetarian and vegan guide in Marbella

Vegan Salad - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians

So, for all those plant-based Petra or meatless Mary’s, you can get your vegan pie right from Marbella!


Despite the traditional appeal of meat and dairy, the country’s vegan and vegetarian population is growing. There are currently about 5.1 million Spaniards (source: Vegetarians, vegans, people with flexible diets, and the movement continues. As the country relies heavily on tourism, more and more places cater to non-meat eaters. Indeed, the tendency to eat only what grows in the ground is a huge trend worldwide. Words like “plant-based” are gaining popularity, and many casual eateries now offer at least one meat-free dish. This is a welcome change from ten years ago.


If you don’t like meat, here’s a guide to enjoying your stay in Marbella.

Buddha Bowl Salad - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Marbella


Where do we start? Vegan and vegetarian crowds are welcome in Marbella. Some of the best places to try are specialty cafes like Golden Mile Organic Cafes, natural foods chain Manuka, and botanical cuisine Joia.

At Hotel Puente Romano, try Rachel’s Eco Love Cafe. They cater for many tastes and diets, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Baked Potato with herbs - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians
Grilled Eggplant - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians

What to eat in Marbella if you don’t eat meat?



How about a visit to one of the traditional restaurants in Marbella: Puente Romano’s Monkey Club offers vegan dishes, and El Chiringuito offers its own vegan menu. Choose from dishes that taste as good as they are, including twisted lentils, vegan burgers, and banh tet. Enjoy your vegan tacos with a delicious glass of wine while admiring the ocean views. Sounds pretty good to us!

Monkey Club - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians

Finding Vegan and Vegetarian food in Marbella



Marbella offers many shopping opportunities. Visitors from the UK may find that supermarkets here have fewer vegetarian and vegan options, but still have a good selection of vegan, organic and healthy products. El Corte Ingles, from Puerto Banús Most major stores, including grocery stores. Even those who avoid dairy products can find their happiness in many grocery stores. Now we offer non-dairy milk and yogurt. Spain has been and always will be a place for lovers of fresh produce, whether you eat meat or not. Here, the tomatoes actually ripen in the sun. Marbella is just a block from Seville, where it is one of the best places for orange trees.


Small specialty stores and supermarkets sell a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Shopping vegan options - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians
Shopping vegan options - Options in Marbella for Vegans and Vegetarians

Avoid these if you don’t eat meat or fish in Marbella



It’s easy to make a mistake and it can leave you wanting more. Don’t be fooled, if you order a paella for two, make sure that doesn’t  have fish or order a vegetarian paella instead. If you don’t know where to go or what to order, it can be difficult to find dishes without meat or fish. Even a simple salad dressing can contain tuna in Spain. Some of the tapas are also misleading. Empanadas (Argentine pies) usually have ground beef. Speaking of tapas, those that are safe for vegetarians include Spanish omelettes, padrón peppers, patatas bravas, and fried eggplant. exciting!

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