Where to eat in Malaga: These are our recommendations

Where to eat in Malaga

We’ll show you the best options to eat in Malaga


If you are on vacation in Malaga you will definitely want to try several delicious dishes of the local gastronomy as we mentioned in our article Restaurants you may have not heard about in Marbella, we have extensive knowledge about it. We have compiled for you the following restaurants that we know you will love:

La Cosmopolita


Every time we approach the capital of Malaga, the body asks us to visit the Casa de Comidas or La Cosmopolita de Málaga Restaurant. Sitting in its elegant and cozy dining room or on the terrace, we have always found quality Andalusian products well treated in its kitchen.


This restaurant is located at José Denís Belgrado 3, in the historic center of the city. It is a personal project of the chef Dani Carnero who opened its doors in 2010 to enjoy cooking, following his motto “Guisa that María Luisa cooks for you”. In addition, since the end of 2019, he combines his work with the Kaleja Restaurant (one Michelin star), his new location located in the Jewish quarter of Malaga.


With this premise we settle into its elegant and cozy dining room with the intention of letting ourselves be carried away by the flavors of Andalusia.


The brief menu showed the dishes that were served that day and improved several of its classic specialties such as La Rusa. A warm Russian salad with a creamy mayonnaise accompanied by some ham cubes, which we tried in a tapa format.


A combination of flavors that blended perfectly. Then we went to the coast of Andalusia to taste the shrimp tartare with roasted cow marrow, one of the classics of La Cosmopolita.


After these very positive experiences in each of our visits to La Cosmopolita de Málaga, we believe that it is worth discovering its cuisine based on the flavors of Andalusia. We hope to stop by the Kaleja Restaurant soon, the new gastronomic project of the chef Dani Carnero, with whom he has already obtained a Michelin star.


Website: https://www.lacosmopolita.es/

La Cosmopolita in Malaga
La Cosmopolita in Malaga

La Cosmo


It is the new eating house of the Malaga chef Dani Carnero. Quality product, little touched, but with sparkle in an informal place in the center of Malaga, the fashionable city


The details mark


La Cosmo (Málaga) has just opened. It has opened its doors on February 1, 2022. White tones, lots of light, more high than low tables, a bar area (with stools) and a terrace in the alley. Supposedly informal, with bare tables, it ends up being something cold and impersonal, almost artificial, if we compare it with the other places in Carnero.


Quite the opposite of what happens with his kitchen, one of the most personal in Malaga. That balances everything. In addition, the young and spirited kitchen and dining room team joins in to round off and give meaning and soul to this new place. The details make the difference: good cornbread, wonderful Malaga salchichón with grated lime as an appetizer on the house and a lot of proximity to the large open kitchen, augur a memorable tasting.


Fair card, chosen product


The menu is not excessively long and is intentionally focused on the product, without preparations or complicated techniques that delay cooking. Immediacy is sought. Here they want to feed a lot of people well, about 60 diners at a time. And wow if they get it.


Among the simplest starters at La Cosmo (Málaga) are an Iberian pork with crystal bread and a Bologna mortadella with lime chantilly. Also a very special gilda that those of us who come from Madrid have already tried. Replica, with homage included, the one that Carlos Portillo prepares at the Bistronómika restaurant in Madrid. It has piparras, anchovies, red tuna and cherry tomato, a successful combination and dressing.


Website: https://www.lacosmo.es/

La Cosmo in Málaga
La Cosmo in Málaga

Jose Carlos García


The dedication and trade, well inherited from his father, makes this restaurant beautiful, also in its culinary creations. José Carlos, together with his wife Lourdes, in the dining room, take care of everything in detail, which is verified both in the dining room and in the sublime creations that surprise for their creativity and adjoining flavors. It has a terrace facing the sea and different spaces. It is the great reference from Malaga.


Menu options

Ajoblanco, hake, red mullet, shrimps, enlisted fish, sea urchin, steak tartar or sweetbreads are delicacies that will be present on José Carlos García’s tasting menu and that may vary every day, depending on their availability in the auction or the market.


Website: https://www.restaurantejcg.com/

José Carlos García in Málaga
José Carlos García in Málaga



Come to Blossom Patagonia and try its delicious food, you will find it in the city of Malaga, we really like this restaurant for its central location.


On the menu they put at your disposal dishes from other Spanish cuisines, if you are hungry, come to this restaurant to try their delicious dishes from other Spanish cuisines, in this restaurant they make ceviche very well.


The restaurant’s value for money is adequate, its prices are not high and its food is worth it. If you have a diners club, you can use it in this place.


During weekend dinners it is usually full, so make a reservation if you don’t want to be left without a table.


This restaurant has a calm atmosphere, if you have the opportunity, family gatherings will always be welcome in this place, when you leave you will feel satisfied with your choice.


Website: https://blossommalaga.com/

Blossom Málaga
Blossom Málaga



Kaleja, this is Dani Carnero’s most personal restaurant in Malaga


The chef of La Cosmopolita, Dani Carnero, opened his most personal restaurant at the end of 2019 in the Jewish quarter of Malaga. It is called Kaleja and delves into traditional cuisine and the world of embers. .


Kaleja, his most personal bet


Now, Dani Carnero had a dream, to continue growing and create a new space. And so, it was done with a place in the old Jewish quarter of the city. That was in 2018, but bureaucratic procedures and administrative obstacles did not allow it to be until December 2019, when Kaleja could open its doors.


Kaleja is a restaurant with two different spaces. On the one hand, the room, with large tables even for two people, and on the other, the bar, perhaps the most special and where I would recommend that you make a reservation. It is here where the magic arises, where you can see first-hand how they make each and every one of the 16 dishes that are part of Memoria, their tasting menu.


In Kaleja there is tradition, there are memories of the traditional Malaga and Andalusian recipes, recipes for use such as the one glimpsed in the following dishes, such as anchovy pickle or maimones, a recipe that fed many people, which is made like a soup of bread and garlic, which in this case acquires that gastronomic point with an eel all i pebre, which provides smoothness, but not flavor and as explained to us, because the eel is used to season the consommé.


Website: https://www.restaurantekaleja.com/

Kaleha Restaurant in Malaga
Kaleha Restaurant in Malaga

Marisquería Godoy


Marisquería Godoy offers you different spaces, all of them designed so that you can enjoy your visit in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Alcazaba and the Cathedral of Malaga.


Room: decorated in detail by Fran Corpas, it is an elegant and cozy atmosphere in which avant-garde and traditional sensations are mixed.


Reserved Manuel Alcántara: enjoy greater privacy in a reserved space. It has three modalities for a better adaptation to your needs. (Previous reservation required)


Terrace: appetizing for its context, where you can enjoy our Malaga, our sun, our sea, our essence and our culture.


Barra: essential area for tapas lovers in a friendly environment. An exhibition of the fresh genre that characterizes the restaurant and which, without a doubt, you will fall in love with.


In Malaga since 1989


Marisquería Godoy opened its doors in 1989 in the neighborhood of El Palo where, for more than 20 years, Juan Godoy has offered his customers the best food in the Bay of Malaga.


This, together with the excellent quality of the cuisine, directed by Teresa Ariza, has made the restaurant a place of reference characterized by the unique touch that its fish and shellfish have always been able to give, and some traditional stews that undoubtedly give us back to the flavors of our childhood.


Thousands of customers have passed through this restaurant that little by little became synonymous with quality and guarantee, until in 2012 the family decided to bet on Pier One, a unique space in which Marisquería Godoy began a new stage marked by the added value of the wonderful surroundings of the Port of Malaga. If you are looking for a restaurant in Muelle Uno, do not hesitate. We are waiting for you at Godoy Seafood.


Website http://www.marisqueriagodoy.com/

Marisquería Godoy in Malaga
Marisquería Godoy in Malaga

Hermanos Alba


Our philosophy


The Caleta de Vélez fish market is our main point of purchase, since it is one of the most prestigious ports in the area due to its way of treating fish. After the nights of the fishing boats working, we come daily to buy the best products.


The restaurant is in the city of Malaga, the restaurant could not be in a better area and easy to get to.


On their menu you will find Mediterranean dishes, the key to Mediterranean food is their cuisine, they know how to prepare good fish.


Its dishes, atmosphere and service have made it have a high reputation among its guests, its interesting prices are one of those things that should be highlighted when talking about it, its prices are not higher than average and its food is well worth it. both visa and mastercard are accepted by the restaurant.


The recommendations of its regular customers mean that it is always full, so we recommend reservations.


Its decoration invites you to extend the meal, the restaurant has a pleasant terrace, family gatherings will always be welcome in this place, you will leave this restaurant with good feelings.


Website: https://www.hermanosalba.com/

Hermanos Alba in Malaga
Hermanos Alba in Malaga

Restaurante Cávala


A new restaurant to eat very well in Malaga. Good product treated with contemporary techniques. Coherent, elegant cuisine at reasonable prices.


Cávala (Málaga) is in that area of ​​Malaga that has become fashionable, the one they call SoHo. Between closures and restrictions, the team led by Juanjo Carmona has not been working for even five months, although it has been open for a few more. However, the dishes show a good kitchen fit.


In Cávala there is no meat. The menu and the letter are composed facing the sea. That does not mean that they give up funds, fried chicken skins or Iberian castanets, but they are just brushstrokes, nuances in a proposal that draws on the nearby markets and the surrounding farmers.


Soups become sauces and vice versa. The porrusalda -leek and cod soup typical of the Basque country- is used to dress some sweet white asparagus. Harmonious dish, simple but very tasty.

Cavala Retaurant in Malaga
Cavala Retaurant in Malaga

Mesón Mariano


Eating like you were at your grandmother’s house, that is the motto of Mesón Mariano, a Malaga restaurant whose cuisine transports us to the smells and sensations of traditional Andalusian food, made with a lot of love and seasonal ingredients.


The inn is in the heart of Malaga, the atmosphere is familiar and pleasant and it is always “up to the flag”, it is advisable to book, especially if they are on specific dates.


Spectacular Andalusian tripe, artichokes and traditional Malaga gazpachuelo, a dish that is already served in few places and at Meson Mariano they embroider it.


The attention, value for money is very good. you will definitely want to return again and again.


Come and enjoy the most varied and incredible gastronomic offer that only Mesón Mariano can offer you. You decide what to eat at Mesón Mariano! In addition, enjoy the best attention from our team of waiters at the service and very competitive prices that adapt to your budget.


Website: https://www.restaurantemesonmariano.es/

Mesón Mariano in Malaga
Mesón Mariano in Malaga

Palo Cortado Restaurant


Palo Cortado restaurants can be enjoyed in their well-cared rooms, at their bar, or on the terrace. Palocortado is an experience beyond gastronomy. It is enjoying the five senses. An honest kitchen that does not hide its origin because it takes care of the product as much as the experience when it is consumed.


The Palocortado experience seduces and captivates at any time of the day, a light lunch, tapas at the bar, savoring its wines, a business lunch or an unforgettable dinner.


In its menu there are many dishes to highlight, such as the oxtail with fried anise cake, pickled onion and brie cheese au gratin. In fish, you must never forget the sea bass ceviche with sweet potato cream, pipirrana and crispy corn, the spicy tuna with fried egg or its baked black cod. The famous Palocortado oxtail burger, fresh fish and spectacular cuts of matured beef are born from one of the exclusive wood-fired grills in the historic center. Finally, the sweet section, that of the desserts, can be perfectly starred by a Belgian chocolate coulant or the cream and cream millefeuille.


Website: https://www.restaurantepalocortado.com/

Palo Cortado Restaurant in Malaga
Palo Cortado Restaurant in Malaga

Restaurante Maria


family and tradition


Since 1993 Piti and Enrique started this path, since then we have tried to give our people a traditional and classic menu, to eat “like at home”.


Spanish flavor


We are characterized by offering a cuisine with Castilian airs, fish from the North, specialties such as roast lamb on request, grilled meats, or our delicious desserts.


A classic


María’s paella, to enjoy in the restaurant or on request to pick up locally any day of the week.


Website: https://www.restaurantemaria.es/

Restaurante María in Malaga
Restaurante María in Malaga

Gutierrez Puerto


Taste the freshest fish on the Malaga coast


At Grupo Gutiérrez we are proud of the product that we offer to all of Malaga, since we are producers of all our dishes. Quality is one of our values, which we promote from our fishing boats to the warmth of the table where we serve our fish.


We change a beach bar for a restaurant but what does not change is the philosophy: good raw materials and better cuisine. Every week, our own fishermen catch the product that will reach the table: zero kilometer quality. We started our meal with a vermouth, a Russian salad and some excellent and fresh shells.


The menu is wide and varied, rich in starters, salads and, of course, fried fish and shellfish, fried and grilled. After the fine shells, we opted for some delicious clams and fried squid rings.


Website: https://gutierrezmalaga.es/

Gutierrez Puerto in Malaga
Gutierrez Puerto in Malaga

El Refectorium


Three restaurants, three styles, the same seal of quality.


Talking about El Refectorium is talking about Málaga, its products, its history and its Mediterranean cuisine, with top-quality raw materials. Everything, together with an exquisite customer service.


With almost 50 years, from the first restaurant opened by Don Francisco Ramírez, the family saga has continued the passion for restoration and the defense of a differentiating seal: sensible cuisine based on the best seasonal products. In its long history, the El Refectorium Group has earned the loyalty of a gourmet audience and is today considered the most traditional gastronomic reference in the city.


Belén, Curry and Sergio, raised between stoves and with restaurants very present in their lives, are today responsible for continuing the tradition, combining it with a more avant-garde cuisine, and printing their own character in each of the establishments they have. today the Refectorium Group:


The Malagueta Refectorium, the Campanario Refectorium and the Cathedral Refectorium.


Website: https://elrefectorium.es/

El Refectorium in Malaga
El Refectorium in Malaga

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