What to do in Zahara and Tarifa – Recommendations from our CEO Founder Luis Ponce – Chapter 2

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After an excellent recommendation to visit Ronda, Our CEO, Luis Ponce shares with us what activities to do while visiting Zahara and Tarifa in this Second Chapter of recommendations.


Zahara de los Atunes is a village on the Costa de la Luz of Spain in the province of Cádiz and the autonomous region of Andalusia. It is noted for its excellent beaches, an outdoor cinema, and the Iglesia Del Carmen church where, curiously, tuna (caught in Almadraba traps) were butchered and salted. Also in the town are excellent facilities including a variety of restaurants, cafes and hotels.


It is located 73 kilometers south of the provincial capital, Cadiz or 177 miles of Seville and 40 miles west of Gibraltar. The village is bordered to the south by the municipality of Tarifa and to the north by Barbate.


Tarifa, the gem of Cádiz


Is a Spanish municipality in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia. Located at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula, it is primarily known as one of the world’s most popular destinations for windsports. Tarifa lies on the Costa de la Luz (“coast of light”) and across the Strait of Gibraltar facing Morocco.


What to do in Zahara and Tarifa


The best plan to do in Zahara and Tarifa a part of enjoying it’s beaches, is to wander into its old town and picturesque alleyways, narrow streets with beautiful small white houses and flowers in every balcony, visiting the San Mateo Church, have a drink on the typical Andalusian corner cafés or going shopping in the little local mediterranean style shops for clothes and crafts.

Horse Riding in Bolonia Beach

Routes on horse – Bolonia Beach


An unforgettable route with views of the African coast, covering the white sands of the Bologna beaches, pine forests and other hidden places in this beautiful Natural Park of the Strait.


The horses are Andalusian, bred with us and also have the privilege of living in freedom, which makes them balanced and endowed with balance and dexterity, they are as good for children and inexperienced as experts or advanced.


Our guide will accompany you during the route and will help you choose the horse that best suits your level.

Scuba Diving in Tarifa

Scuba Diving – Tarifa


The Costa del Sol has the perfect weather for taking a PADI course or just diving for fun, with over 300 days of sunshine per year.


Hence its name! Summer daytime temperatures average 30°C (86°F), with winter around 16°C (61°F).


Africa is only 13 km away and views across the Strait are breathtaking.


The ocean currents, often powerful, flow between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and encourage an overlap of ecosystems as well as an interchange of living organisms, enriching both the fauna and vegetation of the water.



1. Cabo de la Plata desde Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz)

Distance: 7,9 KM
Level: Easy
Route type: Circular


All the journey goes along the shore, on fine, golden SAND, completely covering THE CABO DE LA PLATA BEACH. We are seeing El Cabo from the beginning of the walk


2. Trail Zahara Atunes – Bolonia

Distance: 25,9 KM
Level: Medium Difficult
Route type: One way


Circulate in the beautiful surroundings of the Ensenadas de Zahara and Bolonia and the Bahía de Plata-Cala de los Alemanes; From Zahara de los Atunes to Bolonia beach, next to the Camarinal pine forest and Cala del Cañuelo, and back up the Sierra de la Plata, passing by the Cueva del Moro and going down directly to the “humble” chalets of Atlanterra. It runs on various surfaces: asphalt, boards on the catwalk, beach sand, cement, dirt tracks and stones, stones (stairs and sidewalk)


3. Zahara de los Atunes – Atlanterra – Sierra de la Plata – Zahara de los Atunes

Distance: 20,5 KM
Level: Medium Difficult
Route type: Circular


Circular route that runs half on asphalt and half on trails. We start in the town of Zahara de los Atunes towards the Atlanterra urbanization. The first kilometer we do parallel to the beach by a walk of wooden planks and then go out to the street that leads to said urbanization

Castle of Guzmán el Bueno - Tarifa

Visit the Castle of Guzmán El Bueno – Tarifa


This impressive, solidly built Moorish fortification, which played an important role in Spain’s early history, has been restored.


Tarifa is the bridge between Europe and Africa, the border between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.


It occupies a strategic place in a legendary area, the Pillars of Hercules, the end of the world for the navigators of antiquity. For this reason it has been inhabited since Prehistory until today by Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Christians, who dominated this rocky peninsula that marks the south of the European continent.

Surfing along the coast - Tarifa and Zahara

Surfing along the coast


Tarifa offers different spots for practicing and learning to surf.


Waves are normally affordable for all levels, so if you want to take a surf course in Tarifa or rent your surfboard, Tarifa is a good destination.


Easy Waves: Tarifa offers easy waves to learn surf


Sun (Almost) Guaranteed: 300+ sunny days, Tarifa is a paradise!


Surf lessons for everyone!: Surf lessons for kids and adults.


Easy to reach: Tarifa is quite close to few airports!

Zahara Beach & Spa

Spa and Wellness in Zahara Beach & Spa


Breathe in the Zahara breeze and leave stress behind in our Spa & Wellness space.


You will experience a unique sensation of well-being.


Here, everything is designed to guarantee an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment.


You can enjoy a wide variety of services;


Circuits and massages, Facials treatments, Waxing, Personal training, Nutrition plan…

Luis Ponce Vizcaíno at the heliport
Luis Ponce Vizcaíno helicopter

Enjoy our Exclusive Helicopter


You can travel wherever you want, and make the following day trips


The helicopter facts:


  • Average cruising speed 150 knots (280km/h) 30% faster than a standar helicopter
  • Two Rolls Royce turbines
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Emergency floating system
  • Auxiliary fuel tank
  • Range 850km, 528m / 456nm
  • Operated by two pilots
  • Passenger capacity: 6
  • Luggage compartment
A Journey to Africa from Zahara de los Atunes

A Journey to… Africa


If you are near Tarifa, for example in Zahara de los Atunes, you are at the optimum point to enjoy a very interesting and comfortable tourist experience: an organized excursion to Tangier from Tarifa in one day.


The excursion is intense and very complete, as it includes a walk through the beautiful surroundings of the city, a visit to the main monuments of the city, a shopping tour through the souk, with the possibility of even taking a typical camel ride.


It is a full-day tour, with departure and return on the same day and with everything included:


Boat tickets, pick-up, transport, guide service and lunch.


You can also experience the VIP service of going by helicopter, an unforgettable experience, with panoramic views of the strait and Morocco…

Vejer de la Frontera

A Journey to Vejer…


Declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1976, and winner of the First National Embellishment Award in 1978, Vejer de la Frontera’s most stunning feature is the Arab-Andalusian popular architecture.


Things to do:


  • Explore the castle of Vejer
  • Hike the windmills
  • Eat at one of the incredible restaurants in Vejer:


New York Times, Lonely Planet, BBC, recognized Vejer de la Frontera as an incredible place for food. It can be because of its fresh products or incredible chefs, but you can’t leave this place without eating in a restaurant.


  • Visit the Hamman: Is a blend of traditional Roman baths and Moroccan hammam with a caldarium (hot bath), tepidarium (warm bath), frigidarium (cold bath) and a steam room..


  • Museum of culture and Tradition: They have all kinds of interesting artifacts from the last century or earlier. They were used for farming and cooking, as well as traditional clothing like the “Cobijada”, which is still used in official local festivity
Barbate Tuna Museum

A Journey to… Barbate


Barbate lies in the south of the province, stretching along the Atlantic coast


Barbate is a town replete with whitewashed houses and a simple way of life, with links to the sea since time immemorial.


Things to do:


Visit the Tuna Museum: During the tour you will learn how this jewel of the sea has been caught: The bluefin Tuna for more than 3000 years.


You will see the reproduction of their factory in a giant model, in which we will show the current way of elaboration, combining the artisan process with the
latest technological and sanitary advances


Visit Playa de los Castillejos: I recommend you visit this beach, with serene, light-colored water, which is located between cliffs. In this sense, the beach is sheltered from the wind and is perfect for the little ones in the house.


Do Hiking through Acantilados de Barbate: Acantilado de Barbate forms one of the most spectacular landscapes in Andalusia, with its 4 kilometers in length and more than 90 meters of unevenness in some points.

Conil de la Frontera

A Journey to Conil


Conil de la Frontera has made a name for itself on Cádiz’s coast offering travellers a wide range of tourist attractions and activities.


All kinds of people will find something for them in the town, from families and groups of friends to those whose taste buds guide the way when travelling.


Things to do:


Visit torre de Guzmán: The fortification, once walled, was built in the early fourteenth century for a dual purpose: to keep watch over the tuna nets and to provide a place of refuge for inhabitants against possible sea attacks


Visit Gallery Art: This modest art gallery is full of paintings from different local artists selling their work. You can find some really nice and unique pieces here and the artists are more than willing to chat if you are curious.


Go ‘’ Kayaking’’: Conil de la Frontera Beach is a great starting point for kayaking as you have the cliffs towards Calas de Roche in the west which are astounding. There are outlets on the beach that you can rent from or go on guided kayak tours.


Cliff Walk: Next to Parque Atalaya, there is a cliff walk that takes you further down the coast to more beautiful beaches. The walk takes you along boardwalks and paths through pine trees.


Restaurant Recommendations


We’ve got the best plans for this summer. Enjoy the best live music while eating and watching the sunset over the Atlantic.


An Exclusive Oasis of Sun, Sea and Gastronomy


Restaurant Casa Blas:


Local cuisine restaurant, with a variety of Mediterranean dishes


Taberna El Campero:


The Taberna de el Campero is a relaxed and maritime-themed eatery with a covered patio that specializes in tapas, seafood, and wine. The food is some of the best you will ever have, and the atmosphere is perfect for spending a quiet evening out.


Zoko Zahara:


Fusion cousine place.. You can always try a tender tuna tataki, some amazing salmorejo or some attractive ribs: they are the specialty of this place. Try their tasty pancakes, their homemade ice creams and their well-worked custard.


BIBO Dani García:


The restaurant of the great chef Dani Garcia, is based in Tarifa, fusion food, exquisite, you cannot stay without trying it!


Restaurante Antonio:


It is the closest restaurant to the villa. Antonio is the restaurant by the sea in Zahara, eating a few steps from the shore, almost hearing the waves, but with the elegance of inland. Tuna tartare, white prawns, romanitas, rockfish, nettles, squid squid… Flavors that the wind never takes away.


Zahara Beach & Spa


This hotel has a Sky Bar, where you will enjoy an exquisite selection of drinks and rich appetizers like never before while admiring the sunsets.


Restaurante Aponiente


This magnificent restaurant has 3 Michelin stars. Some dishes based on the fishing tradition that collect the best of the ocean to capture all its flavor in each bite. Transfer service available to take you and pick you up from the restaurant.

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