What to see in Ronda, Spain – Recommendations from our CEO Founder Luis Ponce

Get the insights of a true local expert, Luis Ponce, to know the jewels to visit in Ronda, Spain.


Located in Andalusia, south of Spain, Ronda is a very special “small town”full of positive energy and authenticity. A refuge where I have found inspiration in various stages of my life. Other famous artists like Hemingway or Orson Welles have perceived the same energy and narrated about the authenticity of this area of ​​Andalucia.


Ronda is an area full of dreamers with magnificent projects and good quality wine. Perhaps these two factors are intrinsically related. I like to compare it with the Tuscany in Italy. You can get there by helicopter from the coast in only 7 minutes, the Málaga Airport is only 35 minutes away, as well Madrid is close (1:45), this place is located on a rocky promontory that offers magnificent panoramas over the whole valley.


It can also be accessed by road, a dream for lovers of driving. A mountain road full of perfect curves to ride in a convertible sports car. It is not uncommon to find bikers and sports cars on the road, a showcase of the latest models and classic cars. The perfect scenario for big companies trying their latest models with journalist and VIP clients.

The village can be visited on foot and a single day is enough to discover all the must-see attractions and points of interest, including Ronda Mountain Resort where you can find pools, private chef, massage, among others. Our CEO Luis Ponce, will show you his favourites places you must visit.



Here is our CEO Founder Top 6 things to visit in Ronda:


1- Ronda Mountain Resort: It is the property where Marbella Mountain Resorts company began. We were managing only this property at the beginning back in 2013. We found in this property the perfect example to replicate and create the business model of our the luxury vacation rental company Marbella Mountain Resorts. Clients not only left happy with the service, but also experienced a renewal beyond the mere accommodation. Ronda Mountain Resort offers 7 double rooms, the best sunsets you have ever experienced along with spectacular views of the city.




Enjoy a nightly campfire at Ronda Mountain Resort
Welcome to the beautiful Ronda Mountain Resort
Enjoy that country vibe in Ronda Mountain Resort
Horse rides at our Luxury Villas for rent

2- Wine Tasting at Descalzos Viejos: the magnificent farm has an area of ​​16 hectares and is located in a setting of incomparable beauty on the Cornisa del Tajo de Ronda, surrounded by three natural parks. This winery is a small local producer, the dream of two partners who take care of this hideaway and welcome customers personally. There are more renowned wineries in the area, other wines that I could perhaps recommend of higher quality, but this winery is the one that displays the most magic for its visitors.



Luis Ponce Vizcaíno vineyard
Luis Ponce Vizcaíno at Vineyard

3- Food Steakhouse Meat Restaurant: located in Ronda where chef Martín Abramzon creates an experience starred by the fire and the classic Argentinian barbecue. Kütral’s philosophy revolves around exceptional raw materials, such as national Wagyu, Argentine veal or Black Angus, and the elegance of minimalist processes that allow ingredients to be appreciated in their purest state. Martin has been a great friend for a long time. We have shared beginnings with Martin, when we only managed a single property and he provided Private Chef services to our clients. I used to hire his services as a Private Chef and we spent a lot of time together serving the guest and dreaming about our future. How could it be otherwise, now he has set up his own restaurant and we have grown as a company becoming a market leader adding many more properties in other destinations.



Restaurante Kutral
Food Steakhouse Kutral
Kutral by Martin Abramzon

4- Ascari Resort: The Ascari private racing circuit is another of the exclusive projects created and managed by dreamers, who have taken their hobby to the maximum exponent, adding incalculable value to the area. A car enthusiast’s wild fantasy made real, the Ascari Race Resort is a private track which allows the well-heeled to indulge their passion for speed in a fairy-tale setting among southern Spain’s magnificent Andalusian mountains. An exclusive Private Club in the truest sense, the facility has a full range of amenities, including a Club House with restaurant and a helipad.



Luis Ponce Vizcaíno sunglasses
Luis Ponce Vizcaíno racing car

5- Bardal -1 Michelin Star Restaurant: Taking its name from a thorny bush, Bardal boasts a designer interior that combines to perfection the play of light alongside simplicity in a contemporary setting. The chef offers menus featuring honest dishes that are full of flavour and showcase seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.



Bardal Restaurant
Bardal - 1 Michelin Star Restaurant
Full of flavour dishes at Bardal Restaurant

 6- Helicopter Tour: We offer our own private helicopter service to our clients, with official landing strip at Ronda Mountain Resort and Zagaleta Estate in Marbella. You cannot miss a Helicopter tour from the Coast flying over the old part of the pit, the bullring and the wineries. Landing at Ronda Mountain Resort with bathroom and barbecue included! Just 7 minutes from the Coast!

Luis Ponce Vizcaíno at the heliport
Luis Ponce Vizcaíno helicopter

7- Bull Fighting Ring: The Marbella Bullring is a historical monument that first opened its doors on 11 June 1964. You can get a fantastic view from the Roof Top Bar of Hotel Catalonia. It used to host bullfights all year long. The Marbella City Council commenced the rehabilitation of the Plaza de Toros in December 2019 intending to turn this space into a new space for hosting cultural events. Besides the typical Andalusian cultural events, a variety of annual festivals are held in Ronda like La Goyesca. The first Goya bullfight in Ronda was held on the occasion of the II Centenary of the birth of the bullfighter Pedro Romero in 1954 and due to the influence of Cayetano Ordóñez in the bullring of Ronda, owned by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda

Bull Fighting Ring
Enjoy cultural events at Bull Fighting Ring

8- Get dried fruit from Sabor a España: you can find the largest variety of nougats, guirlaches and caramelised nuts. We work with quality products, handcrafted in our workshops in our local street market at Sabor a España.




Get dried fruit from Sabor a España
Get caramelised nuts from Sabor a España
Sabor España

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