Travelling alone? Write the new story of your life

Solo travel Milan

Travelling alone? Write the new story of your life


In life we are surrounded by our parents, friends, coworkers, even couples or significant other often see vacations as a bonding experience, part of growing, watering and blooming of our relationships into something bigger and deeper, but have you ever wondered about solo travel? If this idea has come through your mind… what are your thoughts? Are you brave enough to take the step, leave almost everything behind to see what awaits beyond sight? Let’s see some points of view.


The power of solo travels: when you’re no longer surrounded by the places you used to be or got together, you don’t get to meet your friends and acquaintances, you’ll even get rid of the idea of “going back” to your ex. The scenario, the places, the air, the overall feeling of “we” will suddenly turn into a cozy “I”. After you see the picture with different mindset, there’s no going back, we bet on that

New travel trends, more solo travel.


Solo travel has actually boomed since the 2020 pandemic. Perhaps people are becoming tempted to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime to-do list journey.  People are traveling more conscientiously than they were before COVID-19, and many are having personal experiences that change their lives. This trend will continue as travelers seek escape, wellness and luxury mixed with selfcare. It’s no longer just backpacking or traveling from hostel to hostel.


A luxurious solo trip will soothe your mind and body. It doesn’t have to be boring. There’s no reason your adventure can’t start with the golden service! As well keep in mind that you can be working with first-class concierge team, we are able to provide you with an exceptional experience and enhance your journey. You can also participate in tours and events that we organize. After all, this is your chance to pamper yourself

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Marbella Mountain Resort tips for you


Before you leave, it’s important to take the following safety measures:

  • How to communicate with people back home about where you are and what health immunizations you need.
  • Ride-sharing apps like Uber provide transportation even if you don’t speak the language, giving you peace of mind that you’re on the right track. It’s also a good idea to research the best places to visit online and understand where you feel most comfortable.
  • If food just isn’t enough, choose a self-catering accommodation to cook for you, or find a place to meet foodies with apps like Eat With. Being self-reliant doesn’t mean you don’t have to.


As cliche as it may sound, the opportunity to travel alone can be the start for a new you. You have to make all the decisions, move between foreign cities and be responsible for every aspect of your journey…but isn’t that exciting? With the positive things in mind, you are the only one who will please yourself on this journey. This is a time to rediscover what you love and, in a way, who you really are. Remember that you are not the only one traveling alone. There are many books written about self-development through travel, so please take a look here.

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Ready to start your story?


Marbella Mountain Resort can help. Our concierge team strives to make your stay a memorable one, and we pride ourselves on world-class housekeeping and support. Would you like to dive in with us? Check out our blog on the best places to shop in Marbella, the hidden gem restaurants and our CEO’s best recommendations and start planning your solo adventure

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