The phenomenon of “Screen Tourism”


Cinema and series, the perfect allies of tourism

There is sun and beach tourism, meetings, health, culture, LGTB … and now tourism” of the screen”. The influence of cinema and series in tourism, a phenomenon is known as screen tourism, has not done more than increase in the last years. In fact, 80 million travelers choose their destination based on this type of productions, according to a TCI Research report presented in April 2018.

The aesthetic experience and emotional bond that cinema and series generated in the viewer have multiplied the interest in visiting the locations in those that have been shot.


Some of the properties of Marbella Mountain Resorts have been chosen in several occasions to film famous serials of HBO & Netflix as well as reality shows and video clips of Music.

Specifically, the number of trips to these destinations is has doubled in the last five years, consolidating and generating visitors at the global and making corners of the whole world. So much so, that various studies point out that 30% of tourists from a place.

They admit that they visit it after having seen it in the cinema or on television. This number of tourists plan their vacations after viewing a location on a screen rises to 80% in the case of the British, according to a study the agency tourism Thomson Holidays made already in 2004. 40% voted New Zealand as an option favorite vacation after seeing the Lord of the Rings.

South Spain is the perfect place to film a serial due to the fantastic weather, low labor cost, and logistics. On the other hand, The Spanish Government has just approved an excellent improvement in tax incentives to attract international shootings, at the proposal of the Spain Film Commission and other entities in the Spanish audiovisual sector, which place it among the most competitive in the world.



Netflix chooses our property “Villa White” for the recording of some scenes in the Celine Dion biography serial.


Spain’s relationship with cinema dates back to the middle of the 20th century. The fields of Soria in Doctor Zhivago, the Plaza de España in Seville in Lawrence of Arabia or the Tabernas desert in Almería in El Well, The Ugly and the Bad are some of the scenarios that placed our country on the world map of filmmaking, making it a real cinematic mine.



One chapter of The serial “Los Relojes del Diablo” of Mediaset company was recorded on our modern property Palo Alto, Marbella.


The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the streets of Cádiz welcomed some scenes from the latest movies of the James Bond saga, in Fuerteventura Ridley Scott filmed Exodus, Star Wars The Attack of the Clones shot scenes in Seville and Matt Damon walked the streets of Madrid in The Bourne Ultimatum. The same occurs with series: in addition to HBO’s Game of Thrones, Netflix shot Black Mirror episodes in different points of the Spanish geography.



One chapter of The serial “Berlin Station” of HBO was recorded on our unique property Ronda Mountain Resort for one month.



To date, Spain Film Commission has a film tourism app called “El trip ”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, which includes movie tours with data from locations, maps, etc. Other actions that are being implemented are tours with guides. specialized to know details about the location and filming of the film, how the actors during production, or the reasons for choosing that location.


At the regional level, Andalucía Film Commission launched the portal in 2018, an instrument for promoting the community as a destination for film tourism in which travelers can consult on the web and social profiles all the information on the different film routes and series shot in the region, anecdotes from the filming, movie list… and is available in Spanish, English, and German.



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