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10 minutes from Marbella, between the mountains and the beach, within a natural forest of almost 900 private hectares, with valleys, groves and impressive landscapes that make up the Zagaleta Resort, is the Zagaleta Country Club, where your privacy and security are guaranteed with That stamp of exclusivity that only the best private Resorts and Country Clubs in Europe can offer you. Our environment, where each villa is surrounded by wooded and green areas, beautiful valleys and streams coming from the mountain, a complete paradise.


Not only will you enjoy the natural environment, you will also be able to see the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, the historic Strait of Gibraltar and two beautiful golf courses, which are an experience that you must live when visiting La Zagaleta Country Club, both golf courses have exclusive amenities for its members, including the equestrian center and two clubhouses that we are sure will fascinate you.

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The Old Course and it’s Club House


In 1991 Bradford Benz designed The Old Course, which is an 18-hole course and years later it was redesigned by Marc Westenborg, precisely in 2016. The idea was to create a standard championship course, which would be one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. , an enormous green course that followed the undulating contours of an old hunting ground, that every player or golf fan would like to play at least once in their life.


The course is a huge valley within an amphitheater of hills and forest-filled peaks, on these peaks you will be able to observe the wonderful views of Marbella and the sea throughout the course of the course. The Old Course is a real challenge for golf lovers, both novices and experts, as it has fairways, greens full of bunkers, as well as various water features.


You will enjoy all the green areas within this great golf course and you will be captivated by the beautiful views of Marbella and the Mediterranean.


Despite the large size of the Old Course, it does not lose that intimate feeling, as you progress, you will be able to enjoy the different views, lakes, meadows, sloping or winding fairways, beautiful landscapes of nearby forests, you could have the opportunity to see even a deer, in addition to playing holes that start on mountainous or dune-like surfaces that end in an extensive valley, this course not only has artificial obstacles, but also takes advantage of what nature itself offers to make your experience when playing golf only.


In the clubhouse you will find lounges, bars and a haute cuisine restaurant that has a panoramic terrace where events or meetings of all kinds are organized. It also has first class facilities not only for you, but for your coach, your team, buggy and caddy, all have been taken into account. These are not only the only amenities that the Old Course Club house has, it has an interior space of 5000 m2 that makes the most of an elegant space, perfect and refined for organizing events accompanied by a five-star service.


The advantage of renting one of our villas in La Zagaleta is that you will have immediate access to the new golf course, the restaurant of the new club, stables, security services, helicopter service, concierge, among many other benefits.

Golf in Marbella

The stunning and enjoyable New Course


The New Course is a par 70 design by Steve Marnoch. It was inaugurated in 2005, golf and nature go hand in hand, assimilating the game experience with the beautiful nature that surrounds it. You will spend unforgettable moments in this incredible 18-hole challenge full of wonderful obstacles and sharp doglegs to overcome, but you will find unforgettable views throughout your round, we are sure you will love it.


At Club la Zagaleta they have been very careful to ensure that the course blends in with its surroundings and at the same time offers unique characteristics. this is so that the experience with the Old Course is totally different.


From the classic elegance and spectacular views of the Old Course to the more dramatic slope of the New Course, Club La Zagaleta thought carefully before offering you two diverse experiences to explore within an environment that combined offers an uninterrupted 36-hole course. We encourage you to play the two courses in succession and you won’t realize that both courses are part of the same club, this is because the designers have managed to give each one an environment, a layout and, above all, a unique feeling.


Whether you are a player who prefers the smooth refinement of the Old Course or you feel ready for the challenge of drama and athleticism of the New Course, this will probably depend on your style or approach to the game, or perhaps you just want to relax and play with all tranquility, but both courses are at your disposal, without pressure, just an impeccable service that you will love and two of the best golf courses in Europe.

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Healthy and innovative options at La Zagaleta Country Club Restaurant


Our exclusive chefs are known for creating fantastic menus that combine national and local dishes as well as Mediterranean specialties. This is just the beginning, as we can also provide you with international cuisine. If the concept of your event requires it, we will make it possible.


The Clubhouse offers a fine dining restaurant with a very large panoramic terrace and a variety of bars and lounges as well as many fun activities with special poolside play areas and children’s entertainment, a gourmet organic food store and an annual calendar of glamorous events organized with style, we are ready to cover any need.


Our restaurants are the perfect place for your social gatherings. It can be an excellent option as a restaurant for a first date, we would love to be part of such a special moment for you, or how about a place for a healthy snack or even a place for brunch. If you have just finished an intense game of golf, or a decisive tennis match, which you won by saving a matchpoint, a horseback ride in our Equestrian Center or a spectacular walk along one of the wonderful hiking trails in La Zagaleta, this is the ideal restaurant near you. We can organize cocktails and banquets for you in our lounges or outdoors, you choose. The creativity of our catering team will truly amaze you. You can bring your family, friends and business associates to enjoy a memorable meal in this impressive place.

Horse rides at our Luxury Villas for rent

Ride an Arab or Spanish horses at our Riding Club


The La Zagaleta Riding Club offers the best facilities and amenities for stabling, grooming, training, riding both recreationally and at a competitive level, not only locally, but internationally.


In fact, many of our neighbors have brought their horses from abroad due to the quality of the facilities and the excellent treatment at our equestrian center, which fills us with pride. The facilities are kept in perfect condition, where the horses and ponies are cared for with love and dedication.


The equestrian club is located within the estate as an elegant and charming country house in a green and quiet environment, it offers the facilities of a first-class equestrian center, which includes twenty stables, six paddocks and a covered arena for training, dressage and jump, the perfect place.


The Riding Club not only offers expert training for children and adults, it also offers expert training for beginners and advanced riders eager to advance to the level of competition. We have the facilities and dedicated staff to make horse riding in La Zagaleta a pleasure at all levels and a safe activity to do and we invite you to enjoy one of the most refined lifestyle activities in Zagaleta that you will enjoy. from beginning to end.


Once you are at Club Hípico, you may feel as if you are not on the Costa del Sol but on a finca near Seville or Jerez, as walking down the garden-lined driveway is like entering a completely different world, totally away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


We want your experience to be unique, which is why we specialize in providing guided walks through trails for members and their guests; In addition, we offer horse riding lessons. This service has the following options: “Breaking in” (training a horse to be ridden) and “Dressage” (training horse and rider together). We are sure that whatever you choose will be to your liking.

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Our Racket Club has the best sport activities to offer


The Zagaleta Racquet Club has two excellent tennis courts, one with a rubber-finished surface and the other with clay, as well as a field dedicated to paddle tennis, a very fun, sociable and very popular type of game in Marbella on all enjoyed by high performance athletes and celebrities.


The Tennis Club in Zagaleta offers first class activities such as golf and horse riding, always with the same high standards of comfort, maintenance and service. We are known for doing everything in an excellent way and this type of activity is no exception. It is this excellence that has established Zagaleta’s reputation as one of the best and most exclusive environments to live in Europe.


One level of coaching and professional assistance is available for tennis and padel players of any age and skill level, whether amateur or professional. In addition, As a resident, you have access to the Zagaleta tennis club, you can consider it as your private facility to enjoy with your family and friends. These types of advantages are what make living in Zagaleta so special.


You can enjoy the most distinguished comforts and service within a natural and relaxed environment near the Old Course clubhouse. Zagaleta also offers racket lovers the chance to practice this noble sport surrounded by enviable natural surroundings.

Luis Ponce- Helicopter Service Zagaleta

Helicopter and Heliport Full Service


Our helicopter service will enjoy the comfort in the executive cabin with a capacity of up to six passengers with a separate hand luggage area. Not only will you be able to enjoy your luxury villa in Marbella, but Marbella Mountain Resorts offers you a wide range of exclusive services, including our own Helicopter service with coverage both in Spain and in Europe.


Our facilities are located in La Zagaleta, a private residential complex with other completely safe landing alternatives in Ronda and Malaga. Our helicopter is in perfect condition and with constant maintenance routines by our own internal technical staff. Both the pilots and the mechanics are highly qualified and have extensive experience, as are our helipad staff.


You can enjoy the most distinguished comforts and service within a natural and relaxed environment near the Old Course clubhouse. Zagaleta also offers racket lovers the chance to practice this noble sport surrounded by enviable natural surroundings.

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