Top 10 CEOS in Spain – 2022 – Congratulations Luís!

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Luís Ponce Vizcaíno – Top 10 CEOS in Spain


Marbella Mountain Resorts’, Luís Ponce Vizcaíno, was awarded with a distinguished recognition and joins an exclusive club of people that showcase exceptional business leaders in Spain across different industries who guide organization to its future by setting benchmarks across several key parameters. On behalf of the whole staff we congratulate Luís for his outstanding work and we celebrate the greatness of the award. We will share also a small interview held from CEO Insights Magazine with him, let’s get to know the great mastermind behind Marbella Mountain Resorts.

Brief us about your professional journey. What have you learned from your previous work experiences?


After completing my degree in international hotel management, I started travelling the world working at hotels in places like New York, London, and Madrid. It was clear for me that all the experience I was acquiring would help to create my own business.


In my previous position within a private company, I was already an intrapreneur, responsible for identifying areas of improvements, with an annual project pipeline of more than ninety innovation projects, Blue Oceans and lean operation’s improvements.


I’ve always tried to enjoy the journey and let my firm grow organically without losing track of its ADN, which is to serve and satisfy the most demanding clients. How can you satisfy your customers without really enjoying what you do?

What is the current market position of Marbella Mountain Resorts? What are the latest hospitality trends you follow?


We have reinvented the travel industry by offering our clients the finest experience in luxury villas for rent with seven-star hotel-like services. The sector has evolved really quickly and expectations of our clients have increased dramatically during the past years. This is actually an opportunity for us; because our Director of Hospitality comes from hospitality industry as well and he runs the whole operation asa hotel boutique chain. Every guest is appointed with a Guest Experience Manager who will great them upon arrival and will be available 24hrs during your whole stay.


We believe that hospitality is not only about enjoying impeccable service and luxurious amenities, but also being able to enjoy meaningful local experiences and access to benefits that money cannot buy. For our clients’ privacy and security is critical, for that reason we provide 24-hour security service at the majority of our properties. We also have our own helicopter service.

Tell us about your leadership approach and what has been your success mantra in your professional career.


When it comes to managing teams, I follow a form of coaching-mentoring leadership style in which I open the doors first, foresee the obstacles my team will face, design lean process accordingly, and delegate.


I like to develop a workplace that allows people to be comfortable, empowered enough to make their own decisions and have the control of their own time. For this, clear objectives are made, red lines are drawn, bullet proof processes are designed, and additional innovation projects are worked aside.


We work with the standard procedures of a big business but the adaptability and flexibility of a startup.

How do you keep your team in tune with the main visions and missions of Marbella Mountain Resorts?


We are a relatively young company, and nearly the whole executive staff has been involved from the very beginning. The team has actively contributed to the company’s growth by carrying out their own improvement initiatives and adapting themselves to the gradual evolution of the company.


We are a Hospitality leading company. We are pure hoteliers; we sincerely enjoy every client that we welcome, every service that we provide, we are proud of every Luxury Villa that we manage.

Luis ponce Vizcaíno Marbella

What are your goals for the future?


I am continually thinking about how to redesign our business model that puts us ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, we anticipate by investing into technology, improving our quality standard procedures and incorporate the best assets on the market.


On the other side of the business, we serve as a local partner for private investors, family offices, and growing international real estate investment funds who want to establish themselves and create wealth by investing in luxury residential real estate assets in the south of Spain.

About Luís:


“I try to be an example to follow, an inspiring leader and the image of the company in which they see themselves reflected and motivated”


  • Hobbies: Dogs, Horses, Motorbikes, Golf, Tennis,
    Classic Cars


  • Favorite Cuisine: Spanish and Mexican


  • Favorite Book: Capitan Alatriste- Arturo Perez


  • Favorite Travel Destination: New York


  • Awards and Recognition: Best Luxury Villa
    Rental Provider – Lux Life Global Hospitality Awards
TOP 10 CEO Award Marbella Mountain REsorts

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