The new luxury travel reality


How will be the new reality of Luxury Travel? 


Definitely we will see more interest in a return to exclusivity & excellency.  Unbranded and small independent boutique hotels & Villa resorts will arise again vs global chains and branded hotels.


Multi-generation & multi-family high demanding clients searching for private & exclusive destinations with secondary less crowded airports. Looking for remote but accessible & exclusive destinations, even if there are in front of the beach. Door to door service using private transportation as Private Jets, with little human interactions.


“We at Marbella Mountain Resorts are happy to have in our portfolio a great range of destinations and products which are completely tuned with the new reality”

We are revolutionizing the luxury travel industry by providing our guests with the ultimate experience in Luxury Villas for Rent in Costa del Sol with 5 star hotel-like services. A Zero Human interaction luxury service is also offered to guests who upon check-in and during their stay decide not to allow any of our team members to enter their villa during their full stay period. Our Cleaning Protocol includes specific standards procedures from COVID-19 prevention, like a minimum wait period of 2 days between stays, use of disinfectants, and sanitizers that are approved by regulatory authorities. Our client’s travel experience naturally involves fewer destinations, longer stays, and meaningful experiences.


Marbella Mountain Resorts encourages the modern-day traveler to turn down the tempo, practice being present and enjoy the luxury of time as one of the owners of our Villas.


I do not see any of our clients waiting for a queue at the reception of any hotel, trying to get the attention of a waiter in a crowded restaurant or sharing the same pool with hundreds of guests. They can do it of course, but no need. It’s not about arriving at a destination and rushing through a checklist of experiences and sites in a blurred flurry, but rather taking the time to connect to the destination, live the Villa Resort-like you really own it, taste the local food with a private chef, experience the local culture with no stress and return to your home country refreshed & safe.


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