Marbella, the preferred destination for online businesses

Marbella the new Silicon Valley

Marbella is now a destination for online businesses’ talent


On January 21, 2021, Marbella Town Hall has promoted itself as a destination for “talent” and for “the establishment of digital companies and online businesses” at the National Investment Summit ‘Invest in cities’, in which it has made its benefits known in innovation, quality of life or safety.


Marbella has been able to position itself among the largest digital ecosystems in the world, and for this it is managing aspects such as connections, for which there is the development of the deployment of fiber optics or the implementation of 5G, reaching 100% coverage of the municipality. To this it has added other variables such as investments, talent and quality of life, for which it has called for the establishment of companies with high digital potential in the environment.


Marbella offers a great quality of life, not only because of its green areas, beautiful beaches and tourist life, but also because it is one of the cities with the largest number of square meters per neighbor in these spaces; It has also aimed at making public transport services free with a new fleet of accessible, sustainable and efficient vehicles adapted to new Wi-Fi technologies.


Security is another of the virtues of the municipality, since Marbella has the largest video surveillance laboratory in Europe with body and facial recognition technology, which allows it to be on a par with cities such as Sylicon Valley, New York, Paris or London.

Marbella the new Silicon Valley
Marbella the new Silicon Valley

Costa del Sol, the favorite for digital nomads to stay.


Marbella has registered an increase in buyers seeking a warm haven all year round on the Costa del Sol, being a pole of attraction for digital nomads and energetic tourists.


Thus, they have pointed out that the Marbella area especially stands as the ideal destination for teleworking, since the unique climate of the city is combined with the excellent air connections to Malaga Airport, which ranks as the third most important airport in Spain. , and the wide gastronomic, hotel and leisure offer.

Costa del Sol - Marbella's Villas for rent

As the travelers themselves have indicated, the pandemic generated countless significant changes, including teleworking that is here to stay, as has happened with the increase in the price of energy, especially in the Nordic and Central European countries, which has meant that the Costa del Sol becomes an attractive focus for this type of people, who love their work within technology as well as the nature of the beaches that Marbella has to offer.

The Pool Marbella

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