How is Marbella Out of Season? The most outdoor month will shock you!

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It does not matter what the season is, since almost all year round there is a lot of sun in Marbella. In fact, it’s only about 65 days where there’s little sun and the rest of the year shines brightly. Did you know that there is nothing to be sorry about because summer is over? For a growing number of people, the fun in Marbella only begins after the crowds have left town.


There is a very interesting fact and that is that people spend much more time outside during the winter than in the summer, this is called the Marbella Paradox. We explain what happens next.



How is Marbella after summer?


September is the most desirable month of the year, some of the tourists are coming home or packing up to leave and the kids are back at school so it’s usually quiet. September is one of the best months in the south of Spain, since the temperature is very pleasant. It is the ideal time to relax in style in one of the many beach bars that Marbella has to offer.


It was a secret before, that only the locals knew about it, but already many of the tourists appreciate the quality of the services and the value for money that you get outside the high season. That is why Marbella Mountain Resort has the those Luxury Villas available in summer. Because the owners prefer to use them during the winter time.

Luxury Villas in Marbella for rent

Many of our villas also make perfect September retreats. Want to try? See our villa collection here.



How is Marbella in autumn?



The Autumn and Spring low season is perfect for golf lovers, as they have the wonderful opportunity to get much more value for their money: lush vegetation, some of the best golf courses in Europe and clear blue skies, a enviable make this luxury resort a paradise for golfers. In Marbella, September is just the beginning! in Marbella a lot to do out of season and you will love it. Also, this fall, artists come to town for the Marbella Film Festival in October. You will be able to see your favorite artist up close!

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How is Marbella in winter?


Maybe you think that the winter in Marbella will cover you with snow. But the truth is totally different. You will love the brightness of the sun plus the coolness of the weather and you will not miss the spectacular sunsets on the beach. Of course there will also be a lot of wind, rain, and in some areas there will be a little mud, so it won’t hurt to bring a pair of boots in your suitcase.


The change from autumn to winter is almost imperceptible, so much so that you won’t need much warm clothing. That is, no gloves, scarves or hats. In fact, it is very likely that in winter you will enjoy radiant days, with lots of sun and plenty of fresh air.

Luxury Villas in Marbella for rent

Enjoying a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee on a spacious outdoor patio where you feel the cool weather and forget about everything is a surprisingly romantic and comforting experience. Or, if you have a cozier experience in mind, a cool evening by your villa fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. These are the special moments that remain etched in our memories so why not enjoy the natural wonders that the area has to offer? From a hike through the mountains or a walk through the countryside on a sunny winter day it can be an unforgettable experience. Without forgetting that the Paseo Marítimo with its charming terraces, the marina of Puerto Banús and also the old town are also perfect places to visit during the winter.


This time of year is when many people take the opportunity to meet local people and enjoy quality time with their pets while running on the beach, either in the morning or at sunset. If there is a perfect time to walk your dog on the beach, it is during winter, a very rewarding activity that cannot be done during summer.

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Winter is the best summer in Marbella!’ Winter is a time when the sun is pleasant and people spend more time outdoors during the day. Now you know why we call it “paradox”



How its Christmas in Marbella?


Expect very lively parties, colorful parades, beautiful lights that illuminate all the streets of the old town, and excitement everywhere. And it is not for less, the Spanish celebrate the Christmas holidays for several weeks and the festive season ends after Three Kings Day on January 6. Christmas in Marbella is more special as many want to end their festive dinner with a walk on the beach, watching the sunrise or a dip in the water.

Luxury Villas in Marbella for rent

How is Marbella during spring?


If you visit Marbella in spring, you can relax enjoying chocolate, churros in beautiful and distinguished cafes or strolling along the beautiful beaches of Marbella. The weather can change at this time of year, but in general, it is a good time to visit Marbella. The city is filled with golfers and tourists in search of new experiences, especially at Easter, but in general it remains quiet. Spring promises new life, new plants, flowers before the peak season begins in July.

Luxury Villas in Marbella for rent
Luxury Villas in Marbella for rent

Marbella is one of the best places to visit at any time of the year. We live here full time and we see people visit us, and we also see them come back and the weather changes, but we love the fact that Marbella has so much to offer whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter. But the family shops and local charm that Marbella offers remain throughout the year, waiting for new visits to come.

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