Marbella and Cary Grant

Marbella and Cary Grant

Marbella becomes part of the legendary film star Cary Grant


Britain’s ITV channel has commissioned Fresco Film to shoot this four-part mini-series about the actor’s life which stars Jason Isaacs.


Who’s Cary Grant? Let me tell you: Cary Grant had many attributes: a seductive smile that had no rival in Hollywood at all. He was also attractive, gallant and with charming style, Cary Grant (1904-1986), with his suits as impeccable as his hair, captivated generations of viewers. The absolute king of sophisticated comedy was Hitchcock’s favourite white-gloved thief.


Born Archibald Alexander Leach, or Archie to his friends, and that is the title of the four-episode miniseries which is being filmed on the Costa del Sol this month for British channel ITV about the life of the legendary star. The crew departed Malaga by November before moving to Marbella as a 1960s Hollywood alternative. Jason Isaacs, remembered by fans of the Harry Potter saga for his role as the dark Lucius Malfoy, plays the charming Cary Grant at the height of his career. After his glory and a difficult and impoverished childhood with a father who didn’t love him and told him: “Your mother is dead”, moving between his origins as a vaudeville actor in his home country from the age of 14. Young Archie eventually finds out she is in a psychiatric facility.


Created by Jeff Pope, this production delves into lesser-known aspects of the actor’s life. His childhood shaped his life, struggling with shyness and lack of self-confidence. He is a character that leads to permanent failed marriages, and seeking his help led him to LSD

Movie star mansion


One of his scenes in the series takes place in Hollywood and its movie star’s mansions, but the British production turned to Spain to shoot these shots of him on location, which will take place in California.


“If a company is looking for a location similar to Los Angeles, it should come to Málaga, especially Marbella, because the views of the sea, mountains and palm trees in the background are perfect.” Says Silvia Aráez, CEO of Malaga company Fresco Film.


Take Hacienda el Conde, part of Marbella Mountain Resorts. This coastal luxury villa has a role to play, too, and this year isn’t the first time the makers have turned to the coast of Marbella for a California-style setting in the Mediterranean. As the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, one of Malaga’s main attractions is the museum dedicated to him that’s housed within the beautifully restored Buenavista Palace. Malaga hasn’t just come on as a cultural destination; it’s now also one of the of foremost gastronomical destinations in Spain. From humble tapas to Michelin star restaurants, it’s worth visiting the city, just to savour its restaurant scene.


Located in a privileged enclave with spectacular views over the bay of Malaga, this Luxury Hacienda to rent has 83,000 square meters of pure nature. The owners bought it back in 1986 and since then have dedicated their efforts to turning it into a privileged botanical garden that currently houses 125 species and has received several awards.


Exquisitely designed and decorated, this traditional Andalusian Finca is a retreat to ultimate slow luxury, privacy and style, with jaw-dropping views that stretch down the Malaga city, over the Mediterranean, and into northern Africa.


At times evoking the traditions of Andalusia, and at others exuding a wholly modern ambience, Hacienda El Conde feels like a lived-in, supremely comfortable and yet still refined art museum. It is an elegant space of fine tastes and everyday comforts, minutes to the sea but miles from the ordinary

Hacienda el Conde
Hacienda el Conde
Hacienda el Conde
Hacienda el Conde

Many productions down the road


This manufacturing is the 10th for tv and structures to be filmed in Malaga this year. In fact, no fewer than 4 could be withinside the metropolis or alongside the coast this November: the second one season of Sentimos las Molestias (Movistar+); Los Farad (Amazon), via way of means of Mariano Barroso and starring Miguel Herrán; Sexy Beast’, an version of the movie of the identical call for Netflix and this biopic approximately Cary Grant, Archie, which confirms the recognition of streaming offerings as it could be premiered on ITVX, the British channel’s video service.

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