Unconstrained vacations for solo travelers

For a very long time, travel has been considered a social activity; from romantic getaways for couples, vacations in family escape with friends, and even business trips. Solo leisure was left to a certain stigma with waiters frowning at the words “table for one” or assigning corner sits in the cinema to not block the best seats for couples.


However, we are happy to announce that this travel trend has changed over the last two years and traveling alone is now hype. Recently, more people have embraced solo travel in order to satisfy their desire for alone time. The truth is, sometimes you just need to get away from it all.


The most empowering way to travel. How is solo luxury solo travel in 2022?


It may sound like a cliché, but travel alone is a perfect occasion to enjoy being without distractions and to have some time just to yourself, it really can be a catalyst to a new and pure you.


After months and months of quarantines and restrictions, people are now more inspired to act on the impulse to take that bucket list seeking life-altering experiences. It’s not anymore just about backpackers’ trips but about travelers looking for valuable moments with plenty of comfort and self-care.


There is something remarkably relaxing about traveling alone, as it means removing all the obstacles between you and your dream destination and itinerary.

Welcome to the beautiful Ronda Mountain Resort
Luis Ponce Vizcaíno vineyard
Luis Ponce Vizcaino in a yatch

Marbella for solo travelers


With over 300 days of sunshine, Marbella is one of the year-round go-to-getaway for travelers seeking much-needed alone time to decompress and pamper themselves while having a first-class experience.


Indulge yourself while enjoying a beautiful pink-orange sunset holding a Gin&Tonic, or discover the local neighbors by losing yourself between the narrow streets of the “Casco Antiguo”, the promenade at the “Paseo Marítimo”, visit the “Plaza de Los Naranjos” to create some beautiful memories that will last forever in your mind.


Enjoy its gastronomy from local specialties such as the “ajoblanco” or delight yourself in a Michelin starred restaurants such as Skina or El Lago for a heavenly taster menu. 


Prepare yourself for a marvelous shopping day at the luxury boutique “Puerto Banús” that would not look out of place in Paris and after getting pampered with a relaxing massage to release the tensions of the day. Does it sound too ideal? Welcome to Marbella then.


If you’re more of a sports type of person you will definitely not get bored in Marbella as it has it all! From tennis to padel, SUP, Fitness centers, wakeboarding, cable ski, horse riding, and golf. Sail the Mediterranean Sea with the breeze of the wind caressing your face. If you fancy walking or hiking we suggest Istán, the Serranía de Ronda, and the Juanar Refuge the views and natural surroundings are amazing!

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TOP 3 Tips for luxury solo travelers



Tips for alone travelers: #1 Feel yourself and follow your intuition.



During your alone trip, you will have to make all the decisions and for that, you will need to be fully conscious about your thoughts and feelings. What makes you feel good? Forget about what others may think or want, is a solo trip there is only one person to please and that’s you. So, ask yourself “What you I want?”,” What do I like?”. With no one else to consider, you are free to go where you like and do whatever you want.


Tips for alone travelers: #2 Factor safety


Although it is true that we are in the era of the internet and hyperconnection, it is crucial to be fully aware that maintaining certain caution is essential. So, before you set off, we recommend you consider safety precautions such as health vaccinations or documentation you might need to travel to the destination you want to visit for your solo trip.


Tips for alone traveler’s: #3 Private concierge


So that you can really enjoy your vacation and disconnect from everything and everyone, we recommend surrounding yourself with excellent professionals who will make your life easier. We speak, for example, of taking your travel experience to a higher level by being able to count on a concierge service.


In Marbella Mountain Resorts we offer you the opportunity to spoil yourself after all and we will appoint to you a Guest Experience Manager who will be taking care of your special needs during your whole stay, upgrading your vacation to an unforgettable experience and enriching your trip.


Check here the MMR concierge services

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Luis Ponce Vizcaíno
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Our CEO Founder, Luis Ponce finds this way of traveling on your own a really interesting and productive option. In his own words “you can currently work from anywhere in the world, why not do it while you travel and discover the world!

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