Luxury travel trends 2022

The global pandemic we have been facing for the last 22 months has undoubtedly changed the travel priorities from the most demanding travelers worldwide.

In this post we are going to explain the luxury travel trends in 2022 and why Marbella continues to be one of the world’s favorite destinations for those looking for a trip in style with a high degree of exclusivity.


Travel trend 2022 in the luxury market: #1


According to Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, travelers are now booking longer stays, as, since the pandemic, more people are location independent when it comes to work and is certainly taking advantage of it to travel, extending their vacations over weeks, months, or even entire seasons.


As a consequence of the above, workation (working vacation) has emerged as a new trend in the world of remote work.  When you take a working vacation, you take a break not entirely from work itself, but from your traditional workspace and work structure allowing employees to improve their work-life balance keeping them energized and motivated which are the best factors to improve their productivity.

According to a survey, 37% of global travelers have considered booking a destination trip for work.



Travel trend 2022 in the luxury market: #2


There is a new concept of travel that emerged during the pandemic called “travel less, travel better”, And the best of luxury travel is undoubtedly creating a personalized experience.

According to a recent study by Virtuoso for YouGov found that 80% of travelers would spend more on brands that tailor products to them.  This personalization starts even before the guests arrive at their vacation destination by offering them specific services to their personal needs.

Guests can ask for the organization of a special event, personalized excursions to close-by destinations, romantic dining experiences, activities for kids or “kids clubs”, leisure activities for adults, or any other concierge services that are mandatory to adapt to the traveler’s needs in 2022.

That is why at Marbella Mountain Resorts we offer a concierge service to all our clients so that they can enjoy the most complete personalization of services during their vacation, without any hustle. You travel to enjoy yourself, we will take care of the rest.



Travel trend 2022 in the luxury market: #3


After the stress suffered during the almost two years of the pandemic, 2022 is out feeling safe and healthy. It is a year to reset bodies and minds, and for that, wellness holidays are the perfect way to set to those new intentions and look. Luxury travelers in 2022 want now, more than ever to look after themselves and focus on their wellbeing. Activities such as Meditation, Yoga, Pilares, or breathwork are just some examples of travelers’ expectations.


Waking up in a quiet breathtaking villa, under the Spanish warm sun with the soft breeze of the Mediterranean caressing your face is key to fulfilling a valuable healthy vacation, it will help you to be present in the now, in the today, and enjoy every second of your well-being.


Travel trend 2022 in the luxury market: #4


As the number of billionaires grows according to Forbes, and COVID-19 has added to incentives for avoiding crowds, the multi-billion-dollar global luxury boat industry is rebounding fast after near-paralysis at the onset of the pandemic. Some have seen that their ultra-rich friends who own yachts and a Luxury Villa had a nice time during the pandemic, while they had to lock themselves at city apartments!

The younger generation—Millennials are tending towards charting a superyacht rather than owning, finding its origin in the sharing culture and economy we currently experience. They like to be users of everything but owners of nothing. This generation value to be debt free, and not having any responsibilities

In Marbella Mountain Resorts we offer our clients the opportunity to rent their own luxury yacht or speed boat with exclusive onboard services during their vacation. Our Luxury packages include accommodation in one of our luxury villas, luxury yatchs, private jets and helicopter service. 


Travel trend 2022 in the luxury market: #5


Not only you can enjoy your luxury villa in Marbella butMarbella Mountain Resorts offers you a wide range of exclusive services including our own Helicopter service with coverage both in Spain and in Europe. Our helicopter has excellent comfort in the executive cabin with a capacity of up to six passengers with a separate hand luggage area.


Our facilities are located in La Zagaleta, a private residential resort with other alternatives landing spots in Ronda and Malaga. Our helicopter is well maintained by our own in-house technical staff. Both pilots and mechanics are highly qualified and have vast experience, as well as our ground crew.


Travel trend 2022 in the luxury market: #6


It may sound like a cliché, but travel alone is a perfect occasion to enjoy being without distractions and to have some time just to yourself, it really can be a catalyst to a new and pure you, while working on remote. 

After months and months of quarantines and restrictions, people are now more inspired to act on the impulse to take that bucket list seeking life-altering experiences. It’s not anymore just about backpackers’ trips but about travellers looking for valuable moments with plenty of comfort and self-care.

There is something remarkably relaxing about traveling alone, as it means removing all the obstacles between you and your dream destination and itinerary.


Here are the top three luxury travel trends in 2022. As you can see, Marbella Mountain Resorts strictly complies with the three trends, positioning itself as one of the best options to organize your next vacation. Until now destinations such as Marbella had their peak season in July and August but this is evolving as travelers are staying for longer periods and looking for villas with a sense of “homes”.

Moreover, Marbella is the perfect destination for its amazing city connections the most beautiful natural surroundings, and first-class activities such as golf to paddle tennis.

Check out some of our Marbella Mountain Resorts luxury villas in Costa del Sol that could be your new temporary home away from home.

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