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Villa Sonrisa


1000 m²

The property is located within a gated private urbanization site with stunning sea & mountain views. Entering the urbanisation you sense that this is a very local...

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Villa Santa Mónica


550 m²

This modern 4-bedroom luxury villa to rent is located between Marbella and the Moorish village of Istán, high up in the hills with gorgeous panoramic mountain and sea views.

King Beds Swimming Pool Wifi Laundry Satellite TV Security system Barbaque Area FULL INFO



Istán, the hidden gem in Costa del Sol

Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, it happens at Istán. Having remained on the sidelines of the great urban boom of the Costa del Sol in recent years, Istán still remains a privileged natural enclave and, in addition to being the Spring of the Costa del Sol, it is currently also known as La Milla Verde and the Green Lung of the Coast. Istán is a beautiful small town in the province of Málaga in Andalusia in southern Spain with an estimated population in 2005 of 1400 people. It lies beneath the Sierra Blanca in the valley of the Rio Verde about 15 km to the Northwest from Marbella and the Mediterranean coast. Istán limits to the north with Tolox, to the northeast with Monda, to the northwest with Parauta, to the west with Benahavís, to the east with Ojén and to the south with Marbella.

Istán may not be as popular as other cities in Spain, but don’t let that fool you. Istán is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit.

95% of the municipality of Istán is a protected area of the Sierra de las Nieves World Biosphere Reserve. The beauty of the surrounding nature, its fountains and the magic of its corners make Istan be known popularly as the “Manantial (Spring) of the Costa del Sol”.

The municipality of Istán is increasingly visited by people from all over the world who want to do different tourism and enjoy pure air, water, nature; people who want to rest and get out of their stressful and noisy daily routine and go hiking, cycling and rural tourism, in the beautiful places of Istán.

You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.

You might wish to revisit it someday again, to take a break and relax at Istán.


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Being one of the richest municipalities in Spain and offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and golf courses in Marbella. Istán is the epicenter of enjoyment, leisure, and nature in the Costa del Sol which gran part of its history that remains intact. It definitely offers everything you need to live your relaxed and dream escape if you’re looking for a holiday break from fast-paced metropolitan living.


Its origins

Istán is one of a number of villages of Moorish origin that owes its survival to its distance from the coast.

Istán, 15 kilometers inland, was allowed to remain while the coastal Arab settlements were depopulated and frequently destroyed.

In Istan, there was one of the old watchtowers used to defend the Granada kingdom.

The post-reconquest years were turbulent ones that frequently erupted into violence which resulted in harsh and unforgiving repression for the remaining Moors.

Very little remains of Moorish Istán, merely the crumbling remains of a tower hidden in a side street, but at least there is some, and the village still has the timeless air that outsiders find so appealing.


What to visit in Istán

The Hermitage of San Miguel:

In whose construction a natural cave has been used. Inside, there is an image of the patron saint of the town, San Miguel. From its location there are magnificent views of Sierra Blanca, the Verde river valley and the reservoir and, in the background, the Mediterranean.

The Church of San Miguel:

Dedicated to the patron saint of the town, was built at the beginning of the 16th century (1505) by order of Diego de Deza, the then Archbishop of Seville. The Moors set it on fire in 1569 and it had to be rebuilt and was restored in the 17th century and the last time in 1960.

The Escalante Tower:

Witness to some of the most outstanding historical events of the Moorish era and is the oldest building in town located at la Calle San Miguel. Erected around the 15th century (Exact date of construction is unknown) it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest due to its historical value and originally, it could be one of the constructions for the defense of Marbella.


Manolo Santana tennis club

Founded by tennis player Manolo Santana in 1997 and located just 15 minutes from Villa Sonrisa, Manolo Santana Racquets Club is a reference place for lovers of tennis and racquet sports in general, in Marbella.

The club offers a wide sports offer in a natural, unique and exclusive environment with very modern facilities that include 6 tennis courts, 4 paddle tennis courts, swimming pool, gym, and a multi-sports hall.

You can enjoy these sports by signing up for their multiple tournaments a year, or improve your level in record time thanks to individual and group classes, in an ideal environment for the whole family.


Importance of water

The town still preserves an interesting layout of ditches built by the Moors, who, as is known, worshiped water, and in Istán, which is in abundance, it reached, previously channeled, to the most unsuspected points of the population. and to the orchards area. Even today, some of these ditches continue to fulfill the same function as centuries ago.


Is a fundamental part of the Istán landscape and the character of its neighbors. The fountains are another of the most characteristic elements of this town, placed all around the village as their original function was to provide fresh water that came from the natural mountain springs. Made under the aesthetics of popular architecture, and therefore with abundant use of tiles, all are drinking water.


Nature lovers

El Castaño Santo, a tree declared a Natural Monument by the Junta de Andalucía in 1985, is 800 years old and its perimeter measures 13 meters. It is located 37 kilometers from Istán and is accessed by the Monda lane, first, and by the Las Vegas lane, later.


Panoramic views

Given the uniqueness of the enclave of these lands, both in the town and in the vicinity there are a series of viewpoints that should be taken into account before leaving Istán, since the panoramic that can be seen from them deserves that we dedicate some time.

The Natural Viewpoint of the Tajo Banderas

: In it the flags of the fighting bands that took the town in the different wars were placed. From this enclave there are magnificent views of the mountains that surround Istán (Sierra Blanca, Sierra Real and Sierra de las Nieves).

The Mirador Natural de Las Herrizas:

Is located on the top of a hill and on the reservoir of the Verde River. From this place the same panoramic views are dominated as from the previous viewpoint, but here the perspective of the reservoir and its union with the Río Verde is especially striking.


Gastronomy in Istán

The traditional cuisine of Istán is surprising for its variety and quality. Typical dishes: Among the many dishes that make up the typical menu of this area, include goat with garlic, fennel stew, cooked soups and maimones.

Winter dishes: collard greens, stewed cabbages, corn soup or pea stew.

Summer dishes: Tomato soup with prickly pears, white garlic or tomato soup with grapes.

Pastry: Oil cakes and rice pudding, borrachuelos and wine donuts.

Some of the best known restaurants in Istán are:


Located in the center of town, in the central square next to the church, this restaurant offers authentic food, cooked with fresh products. A varied, traditional, homemade cuisine, with some French touches give the Troyano restaurant its peculiarity.

El Baron:

Housed in a centuries-old house, it is a perfect place to enjoy traditional cuisine. A wood-burning stove-fireplace warms up the atmosphere of the large dining room on the coldest days of winter. Living room with beautiful views of the mountains. Tapas are served at the bar.

Entre Sierras:

Authentic restaurant with Mediterranean food, mountain views and a dining room where specialties such as rice soup, paellas, and grilled meats are served. Oxtail, confit duck leg and beef tenderloin.


Traditional festivals of Istán

Choosing to get to know Istán during one of its annual celebrations will allow you not only to enjoy a party atmosphere but to better understand the tradition and culture of Istán.

The Gastronomic Sample, Orange Day and Tapa Route:

During this day, the bars and restaurants of Istán expose their culinary knowledge with traditional recipes and orange juices, in a festive atmosphere with traditional dances of the verdiales pandas and the performance of the brass band.

Easter week:

In addition to the processions through the streets of the town, El Paso is staged, a live representation of the Passion of Christ that has its origins in the seventeenth century and is declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia and a Festival of Provincial Tourist Singularity.

Corpus Christi Day:

When the residents decorate the streets of the town with bushes, set up altars that they decorate with flowers and the balconies show off their best quilts and embroidery. On this day they take Christ out in procession, accompanied by the children who have made their First Communion that year.

The Cultural Week:

During this week the town of Istán offers a wide range of activities such as talks, art exhibitions, videos, cinema, rock concerts and, the most important one, the Istán Flamenco Encounter.

The San Miguel Fair:

Is held on the weekend closest to September 29. In it, the town square becomes a non-stop party and contests, games are held and the marching band parades through Istán.

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