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Not only you can enjoy your luxury villa in Marbella, Marbella Mountain Resorts is also the exclusive local partner for all clients flying to Malaga, South Spain. Having access to more than 4,800 private jets and offer private jet charters for our costumer’s travel plans, worldwide. Private aviation meets all the flight needs of our costumers whether on business or for leisure.

Marbella Mountain Resorts have designed the most exclusive luxury packages including Flying on Private Jets to Malaga + Accommodation in Luxury Villa + VIP Concierge services.

Business Jets Flights & Luxury Villa

Offering the best deals for short-haul same-day returns, Business Jets Flights can accommodate you and your entire team with several options – from “very light jet” to “large jet.” The pricing is simple and transparent, and you are guaranteed an aircraft with as little as 90 minutes’ notice.

It all starts with the ideal setting to stimulate the exchange of new ideas and to create the framework for negotiations. Put your teams or partners together and enjoy our Villas as your Workstation, integrating business & leisure.

Weekend Jets Flights & Luxury Villa

Make the most of your weekend with our Long Weekend Jets Flights to Malaga Plan a short escape for a romantic getaway of a couple or three days with family and friends in Marbella. With the best deals for short and medium-haul weekend trips departing Friday evening and returning Sunday evening, Our Weekend Jets Flights simplifies your travel experience and helps you enjoy as much of your time off as possible.

We are revolutionizing the luxury travel industry by providing our guests with the ultimate experience in Luxury Villas for Rent in Costa del Sol with 5 star hotel-like services. Our Guest Experience Manager connects with our clients and design journeys, which deliver the ultimate in comfort.

Celebrity Flights & Luxury Villa

Whether you’re an athlete, a sports personality, or a supporter, our celebrity flight service has the tools necessary to get you to your destination in a timely, private, and relaxing manner. We will be available and responsible before, during, and after your flight to ensure the smooth and discrete running of the trip.

Our Villa Resort is well known for its high level of security and guest service approach providing comfort for its residents To ensure security and privacy the area features reliable fences, checkpoints, surveillance 24/7, mobile patrols, and of course intelligent alarm systems in each property.

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About the company

A leading European Private Jet booking platform offering the best price, service and flexibility anywhere in the world.

For business or for pleasure, from Very Light Jets to Super Large jets or commercial aircraft, we organize all types of flights. From 1 hour flights to around the world multi-leg business trips, they use a proprietary smarter technology to match client needs with available business jets capacity. 5,000 flight missions organized in 2018, an estimated 6,500 flights in 2019.


With access to more than 4,800 aircraft and a team of more than 50 employees, we guarantee a 24/7 worldwide service.




A market neutral provider and due to our purchasing volume, we pre-negotiate discounted hourly rates, which are directly passed on to our clients, on all size aircraft.

Anytime, anywhere

They organise private jet flights anywhere in the world 24/7

Private Aviation Advisor:

Whether you fly only one hour or 200, get the same dedicated service with a Private Aviation Advisor assigned to your company or family.

Latest technology to fit your needs:

Using our proprietary smarter technology and our access to all jet categories, the flight company selects the most appropriate aircraft model to fit your needs.

Best quality - price of the market:

flight company ' booking platform and advisory team guarantee that we are able to provide the most bespoke service to ensure the best price and experience.

No minimun notice:

From weeks in advance-planned flights to last minute requests, we promise you the best aircraft and airport options available. With the flight company you can take-off in 60 minutes with no minimum notice

Most competitive rates:

The flight company is a market neutral provider and due to our purchasing volume we pre-negotiate discounted hourly rates, which are directly passed on to our clients, on all size aircraft. Discounts can reach 75% compared to 25-hour cards and fractional ownership programs for last minute empty legs, 40% on same-day returns, and 20% on one-way charters.


Exclusivity and confidentiality

A bespoke human service and confidentiality are our top priorities.

We are trusted by:

  • Large and small companies.
  • Private clients and families
  • Financial organisations and family offices
  • Sport federations, teams and athletes
  • Luxury hotels and concierges
  • Governments, International Forums & Conferences (art fairs, film festivals, sport events)

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  • Best available rates
  • Exclusive services
  • Guest service manager 24/7
  • Security 24/7


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