Enjoy your life as a Young Senior Traveler

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If we look closely, we will see the appearance of social boundaries that did not exist before. The “50-70 year olds” of today, are the 40 of before.


This group includes the generation that uttered the word “mature” simply because aging is not an option in the current plan. It was like the emergence of “adolescence” at the time, a new social trend where people didn’t know where to go or how to dress until their mid-twenties. It is really a novelty.


This new group of people, now in their 50s, 60s or 70s, live half-hearted lives. They are independent men and women who have worked long hours and sought to change the ambiguous meaning that many Latin American literatures have assigned to the term work for decades. Many of them have long searched and found the work they love the most and live from there. Maybe that’s why they feel content.


This group of travellers are more willing to travel throughout the year and take advantage of the mid and low seasons where the price-quality balance is certainly better. The restaurants are available, the beaches are clean and you can enjoy the destination in a calmer way.

It’s ok to feel a little insecure or scared and even a little apprehensive. Travel fears are natural, especially as we age, but we need to ask ourselves if these fears are real or just a fantasy.  Every of our guests are appointed with a Guest Experience Manager who will great the guest upon arrival and will be available 24h during your whole stay, to make our clients feel as local owners during their vacations. Our Director of Hospitality supervise the whole operation, to make sure our clients are satisfied with the level of service and feel protected and any stage of the trip.


Young Senior travelers at the beach
Young senior travelers having a good time

The moment to enjoy free time has come


Some people never even dream about retirement. Retired people fully enjoy each day and grow from within, not afraid of laziness or loneliness. After years of work, parenting, deprivation, insomnia, and random events, they enjoy their free time because it’s worth looking out at the ocean with their hearts.


But some things are self-explanatory. People in their 50s, 60s or 60s, men and women, treat computers as if they’ve been watching them all their lives. They text each other, see their children in the distance, forget their old phones, contact friends and send emails. Today, people in their 50s, 60s or 60s announce their age without a name. I was old then, but not anymore. Today they are physically and mentally full, remembering their youth but not nostalgic. It’s also full of autumn and nostalgia, and they know it.


We provide access to an extraordinary collection of luxury homes with exceptional services, on premium locations.

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Traveling in the company of friends or family can be helpful for young senior travellers. For this reason, they must not leave aside the choice of a destination that offers activities for different age ranges that allow everyone to be equally entertained during the trip. In winter destinations they can always choose from a wide variety of experiences for all.

Marbella Mountain Resorts manage the rentals of 10 properties in one of the most exclusive residential resort in Europe. La Zagaleta is a private gated resort with 24 hours armed security, horse ridding facilities, Helipad, two Club Houses, restaurants. Situated 18 km from the coast, and just a short drive from the bright lights of Banus Harbour and Marbella, our guests can experience the tranquility of the countryside while being within easy reach of the buzzing Costa del Sol.


They greet the sun every morning and often smile to themselves. They plan their own life, not someone else’s. Maybe for some secret reason only people in the 21st century know and will…


For a senior, travel we often suggest alternative destination in Andalucía like Zahara de los Atunes  or Ronda. Exploring new environments and meeting new people can help older adults stay both physically active and socially engaged. Whether the idea is to experience more of the world, spend time with loved ones, or just take a break from the everyday routine, travel can bring enormous rewards.

Revamped and revitalised, the Costa del Sol capital of Malaga has a thriving history, art and theater scenes that go from Picasso to the Pompidou to the port-side street-art-savvy Soho (art district) area with with half a dozen new art galleries and ancient landmarks, the city of Malaga offers blossoming arts scene, which established this amazing and vibran cite among Andalucia’s cultural riches thanks to its acknowledges its multi-layered past.


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