Drive well

The Ascari Circuit is a private member racetrack located near the municipality of Ronda, Malaga, Spain. The circuit was inaugurated in 2003, and at 5425 meters it is the longest circuit in Spain. Under a great layer of secrecy and high-security measures, a private Club was built with the most exclusive and wonderful speed circuit in the world, the result of the project, with luxury facilities where everything is taken care of down to the last detail. 

Passion for speed

The Ascari Circuit copies some of the curves of the best circuits in the world. The circuit is a marvel. It has three possible configurations and 26 curves: 13 on the right and 13 on the left. With its length of 5425m, it is the longest circuit in Spain and is longer than many of the Formula 1 tracks. It is also homologated by the FIA ​​with category 2, so racing is not allowed.

A car enthusiast's fantasy

The 26 corners have been individually designed and require very technical handling because they copy the best corners of some of the most incredible tracks in the world such as Daytona, Silverstone, Spa, Nordscleifle, Brands Hatch, Bathurst … and as a tribute to Alberto Ascari, there is a zig-zag that emulates that of Monza where he lost his life in 1955. They assure that Fernando Alonso or Valentino Rossi when visiting Ascari due to advertising commitments, have been amazed with the result of such a magnificent combination.


The Club

The club does not have a closed quota and is open to “anyone” who pays a ticket between 45,000 and 150,000 euros, and an annual fee of between 10,000 and 14,000 euros, which gives the right to enjoy a maximum of 50 club days distributed to throughout the year. There are currently about 60 partners -only 4 of them Spanish-, all of them with a lot of success and love of speed. Some are famous names, such as Jay Kay (lead singer of Jamiroquai), Damon Hill (former Formula 1 champion) or Martin Brundle (former Formula 1 driver). Some of them own a property in Marbella, and others just rent a luxury Villa with 5-star hotel services of Marbella Mountain Resorts.


The procedure

The procedure is simple: the customer calls indicating that he is going to roll on the circuit and the technicians check his vehicle and set it up so that everything (fuel, battery, tires …) is perfect to roll. As usual, members go to the Ascari circuit by taking a private plane to Malaga, and/or by helicopter organized by Marbella Mountain Resorts, directly to the helipad of the circuit. In Ascari, this type of detail is not lacking. As you can imagine, other members prefer to moor their yachts in Puerto Banús and go to the club in their sports cars, or by staying in one of the luxury properties managed by Marbella Mountain Resorts.

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