Beyond the Andalusian Crush

Embracing the Andalusian Crush for Authentic Charm


The Junta de Andalucía’s latest campaign, “Andalusian crush,” featuring actor Peter Dinklage, aims to boost tourism but raises concerns about the impact of mass tourism on local communities. While the campaign promises transformative experiences, the reality for Andalusians is a housing crisis, displaced neighborhoods, and the loss of community fabric.


The influx of 8.3 million tourists from April to June, making Andalucía the second region in Europe for online platform bookings, has led to the commodification of local experiences. The campaign’s attributes of “experience, exclusivity, innovation, and personal growth” clash with the reality of overcrowded spaces, shuttered local businesses, and a vanishing sense of community.


“Andalusian crush” markets the region for less than 80 euros a day, portraying a cheap and accessible destination. However, the true Andalusian crush, rich in intangibles, is disappearing in the face of touristification. The campaign’s portrayal of an authentic experience is questioned as locals are pushed to the periphery, seeking work in a hospitality-centric environment.


The article suggests that the genuine Andalusian crush is found in the unseen moments – private fairground booths, Christmas Eve dinners, community gatherings, and local traditions, far from the tourist gaze. The concluding statement echoes Lola Flores’s famous phrase, urging those who truly love Andalusia to depart.

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