The best pet-friendly villas in Marbella for rent

Coming with your best friend?

We selected the best pet-friendly Villas in Marbella for rent


Marbella Mountain Resorts is used to experienced travellers, some of whom are four-legged. We understand that it can be difficult to leave a hairy family member at home and let someone else take care of it.  A pet-free vacation may not be the same. Many of our luxury villas available to rent are pet-friendly and our team know how to make sure your dog is as pampered as they are on vacation.

Our pet forces us get up early in the morning and enjoy the sunrises and also walk the dog on the beach in the afternoon enjoying the sunsets that this magnificent city offers its visitors. Our pet forces us to make alternative plans that we had not previously planned, such as climbing La Concha Mountain, spending the day in Ronda or exploring the various hiking routes that this territory offers.


This blog will cover the topic of undecided vacation pets. Why Marbella is Great for Pets
If you’re looking for a charming animal-friendly getaway, look no further than Marbella. This Spanish coastal city is a popular destination for celebrities and animal lovers. It’s easy to see why. From chic boutiques and art galleries to beautiful beaches and restaurants, Marbella has something for everyone.


If you are traveling with an EU pet, you can find the rules here. From outside the EU, the rules are even stricter, so make sure you have all your vaccinations scheduled and have all the necessary documentation before you travel.


Marbella pet friendly villas for rent
Marbella pet friendly villas for rent

Think carefully before you travel and plan accordingly. Your little fluff ball can be a handful while traveling, ranging from getting motion sickness in the car to the added stress of trying not to run away or get naughty. Another point to consider is Marbella’s summer temperatures. Remember, pets and heat don’t always get along quite well. It’s important to consider how your pet is coping. Marbella has cool sea breezes, plenty of open space, and dog beaches, but it’s important to follow some safety rules during the summer months. Protect your pets from the Andalusian heat


Pets can become dehydrated easily, and fur can retain a lot of heat. Their feet can burn even on hot sidewalks, so a few simple tips can help them stay cool.

Marbella pet friendly villas for rent
Marbella pet friendly villas for rent

Should you bring your pet on your vacation to Marbella? Let’s take a look at some information


  • One way to protect pets’ paws is by applying pet-safe sunscreen. This helps prevent burns and blisters. Avoid hot sidewalks by letting them walk on the grass instead. If it’s too hot to walk, wear foot covers and let them play in a sprinkler system or near water.


  • If you have a dog, consider investing in a cooling mat or bed. These are specially designed to keep your dog cool and are perfect for hot summer days. Avoid long walks with your pet during the hottest hours of the day (12pm to 4pm) walk your pet early in the morning or night time!


  • Never leave your beloved animal unattended in a parked car, even for a few minutes. Even on a calm day, the car heats up quickly and is dangerous for small stuffed animals.


By following these simple tips, you can keep your pet safe and comfortable during the summer months and ensure your furry friend feels like home here at MMR.

Marbella pet friendly villas for rent

Why you should bring your pet to Marbella with you?


There are many reasons to bring your pet to Marbella and to rent a Luxury Villa. They may benefit from constant contact with you and other family members. Restaurants often accept dogs, especially on the outdoor patios, and you can even bring them shopping. You can have dogs in the house at El Corte Ingles, but nothing beats a walk in Puerto Banús for these stylish dogs. Our pet helps us get up early and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets that this magnificent city offers its visitors.

The outdoor space and privacy of a villa allows your pet to enjoy the holidays in the same way that you do. 


Marbella pet friendly villas for rent
Marbella pet friendly villas for rent

Why you should bring your pet to Marbella on vacation?


Taking care of animals abroad is no problem in Marbella. There are excellent vets, pet shops and even dog clothing boutiques. MMR Villa Manager and the staff will help you order the right food before your arrival to keep your pet comfortable. Take a look below to find our Pet Friendly Villas:





If you would like to discuss pet arrangements for your next trip to Marbella, please give us a call.

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