Beach Clubs in Marbella to enjoy during your holidays

Beach clubs in Marbella

When it involves a seashore club, we need all of it: Soft cotton towels, iced cocktails served proper in our Balinese-fashion beds and enjoyable song evaluation softly towards the sounds of the ocean withinside the distance.


With over 18 miles of shoreline in Marbella, we have got end up quite spoiled, we may want to genuinely have all of it and can not wait till summer.


It constantly will pay to be known. So that will help you determine wherein to spend your valuable days at the seashore, right here are our pinnacle guidelines for seashore golf equipment in Marbella in 2022.

If you love parties

Ocean beach club Marbella

Ocean Beach Club

Nikky Beach Club in Marbella

Nikki Beach

Nosso Summer Beach Club - Beach Clubs in Marbella

Nosso Summer

The Ocean Club is the go-to club for those who want to indulge in a day at the beach and come home. This is a large and impressive beach club near Puerto Banus where you can find champagne parties, cocktails and lots of jewelry.


Nikki Beach Club: Nikki Beach, home to the legendary Red and White Party each year, has become a landmark on the Marbella scene. The perfect place to sip champagne, celebrate and just relax.


Nosso Summer Beach Club: Great cocktails, DJs, live sunset music and great restaurants. Want something different?

Golden Mile Beach Clubs in Marbella

Marbella Club - Beach clubs in Marbella

Marbella Club

Puente Romano - El Chiringuito

Puente Romano – El Chiringuito

Trocadero - Playa Marbella

Trocadero – Playa Marbella

Club Marbella


Maintaining the ‘old school chic’ Marbella way of life, the Marbella Club offers an upscale beachfront experience in style and relaxation. Located on the Golden Mile next to the hotel.


Puente Romano – El Chiringuito


The perfect restaurant and beach club for those looking for the perfect balance of relaxation and fun. Restaurants and beach clubs remain sophisticated and stylish. For fresh, healthy food, cocktails and fun, choose El Chiringuito.


Trocadero Playa Marbella


Enjoy a well-prepared rice dish at our restaurant or have a glass of frozen daiquiri delivered directly to your patio. The Trocadero Group offers club experiences throughout the region that are perfect for a day on the beach in the heart of the Golden Mile and are open all year round.

Funky and Hippy Chic Beach Clubs in Marbella

Nao Pool Club - Beach Clubs in Marbella

Nao Beach Club

Sonora Beach Club - Beach Clubs in Marbella

Sonora Beach Club

Siroko Beach Club - Beach Clubs in Marbella

Siroko Beach Club

Playa Padre - Beach Clubs in Marbella

Playa Padre

Nao Beach Club


Nao is a quirky beach club and slightly inland pool club. Despite its lack of beaches, it has become a veritable Mecca for Marbella’s charming people. A place to see and be seen. Enjoy sushi and cocktails while soaking up the elegant atmosphere.


Sonora Beach Club


Sonora is on the outskirts of Estepona and the first thing you see is the colorful Balinese parasols. The place has a colorful hippie chic vibe. Live DJs draw a laid-back yet lively crowd.


Siroko Beach Club


Siroko Beach is a hidden gem east of Marbella, with white sand beaches and trendy interiors that make you feel like you’ve stepped into Ibiza. Come here for beach time in style. Live music is often played late into the night.


Padre beach


This Mexican-style beach club is known for its super fun atmosphere and slightly laid-back image, day or night. The restaurant serves Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine and hosts DJ performances and live events.

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